Bitcoin.Sucks Changes The Narrative On Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin.Sucks Changes The Narrative On Cryptocurrency

As a domain registry, Vox Populi is always on the lookout for website owners who think outside the box and use their online namespace to create a unique identity or communicate an important message. In this series, we give kudos to the brands and individuals who are using a .SUCKS domain to do just that—and suggest how other brands can follow suit.


Bitcoin.SUCKS is controlled by cryptocurrency innovator Coinkite, a security and hardware manufacturer and maker of Bitcoin products such as:

  • Opendime: a USB stick that lets you spend Bitcoin in real life
  • Coldcard: a Bitcoin hardware wallet
  • Bitcoin Data Display: a box that displays current Bitcoin prices

Coinkite is one of the world’s first producers of Bitcoin solutions, established just two years after Bitcoin was introduced in 2009.


Coinkite uses Bitcoin.SUCKS as a landing page to counteract the rampant negative discourse that surrounds the cryptocurrency industry. Crypto is undeniably volatile—but it offers anonymity, security and accessibility in ways that big banks could only dream of.

The site does two things:

  1. Promotes Saifedean Ammous’s book (The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking) to people interested in learning more about Bitcoin.
  2. Links out to some products that Bitcoin users may find helpful, such cards, security apps and USB drives for day-to-day transactions.

It also has a link to the famous Rick Astley meme/song Never Gonna Give You Up, cleverly implying that the Bitcoin holder should hold their assets in spite of market fluctuations.

By offering something for everyone, Bitcoin.SUCKS is the perfect hub for newbies or those with experience in the crypto industry. With a catchy and easy-to-remember URL, it has a sense of humor, a clear mission statement and helpful product recommendations. What’s not to love?


Pensive man with Bitcoin-branded glasses

Bitcoin.Sucks may seem like a counterproductive domain for a Bitcoin product manufacturer, but it’s actually a use-case we regularly see at .SUCKS. Many brands and thought-leaders want to challenge negative browser searches by hijacking the keywords a typical naysayer may use.

Now, when someone searches for “Bitcoin Sucks,” they are likely to encounter Coinkite’s page, where they’ll be presented with affirmations designed to challenge their assumptions about Bitcoin. Searching “[Topic] Sucks” may be born of frustration—but if leveraged creatively, it can be an effective way to start an informed discussion.


Marketing efforts often start by asking, “What problem am I solving for people?” For Bitcoin.Sucks, it’s cryptocurrency misinformation. Other brands can harness this ingenuity by deciding “What Sucks?” and then setting out to solve it. A smart URL and optimized landing page are two foundational elements to driving engagement.

Here’s some things Bitcoin.Sucks is doing right:

  1. Turn a negative into a positive. People love to complain online, but that doesn’t mean brands should sit idle while the discourse spirals. If you have a counter argument for why “X actually doesn’t suck,” why not let everyone know it?
  2. Sell yourself by surprising viewers. We consume so much media and advertising in a day that it can indiscriminately jumble together. It’s imperative to find new ways to get that cursor to stop on your page.
  3. Be fun and funny. People are tired of crying, sighing, and why-ing these days. Make them laugh with a funny concept and some great meme placement. They’ll appreciate it and be more willing to listen to what you have to say!
  4. Have something to say. Bitcoin, an alternative to centralized banking (which, let’s be honest, actually sucks), could be the economy of the future. Tell us more! Having strong messaging is the first step to creating loyal customers.

Of course, there’s always room for improvement. We’d suggest adding some more text on the landing page so people are crystal clear about what they’re getting into. We want people to click on that “Learn Why” call to action—but first, you need to convince them.

The overall concept of the page is very cool, though. Kudos to Coinkite. Here’s hoping their next boundary-pushing product is a time machine, so we can go back and buy some Bitcoin at 2012 prices.

Coinkite aren’t the only ones that have figured out how to turn the seemingly negative “sucks” into a positive. Find out how one scent manufacturer committed to shining a light on an industry typically operating in the dark.